Trainers & Educators

Training Programs

The Mack Center through its involvement with the Bay Area Social Services Consortium (BASSC) oversees the BASSC Executive Development Program (EDP) administered by the University of California Extension. One of the outcomes of this pioneer program of 20+ years is a series of participant case studies examining promising practices related to management, policy implementation and service delivery produced by the program participants (middle and senior managers in county human service organizations)

Under the sponsorship of the Bay Area Network of Human Service Agencies (BANNHSA), a second training program on Managerial Leadership Development Program (MDLP) for middle managers in nonprofit human service organizations operated from 2010-2014 as a learning lab and produced several articles on training related to becoming a manager, becoming a leader, promoting organizational change through case study projects, etc.

Teaching Cases

An ongoing feature of the BANNHSA and BASSC collaboration with the Mack Center is the production of teaching cases that are available for downloading and several will be published in the Journal of Human Service Organizations.

BASSC Teaching Cases

BANNHSA Teaching Cases

Teaching Methods

More comprehensive approaches to teaching cases covering a range of practice areas can be found in:

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