Guiding Organizational Change: A Casebook for the Executive Development Program in the Human Services

These examples in this casebook reflect the experiences of leaders and managers in the public human services and have been compiled for use in preparing senior managers for top management positions. They seek to capture the daily pressures and opportunities to promote innovations and organizational change. The cases reflect the changing economic and political environment in California over a twenty-five year period (1994-2019).

Table of Contents

Title page and Table of Contents


Celebrating 25 Years of the BASSC Executive Development Program: The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

I. BASSC - Past, Present and Future

1. Building a Comprehensive Agency-University Partnership: A Case Study of the Bay Area Social Services Consortium

2. BASSC@30

3. The Evolving BASSC Vision Statements

II. Organizational Enhancement and Change

4Developing a Public Information and Community Relations Strategy in a County Social Service Agency

5. The Impact of the Great Recession on County Human Service Organizations: A Cross-Case Analysis

6. Expanding the Financial Literacy of Program Managers in Public Human-Service Organizations

7. Change Communication in Public Sector Cutback Management

8. Perspectives of Public and Nonprofit Managers on Communications in Human Services Contracting

III. Amplifying the Voices of Service Users

9. Clients as Customers: A County Social Services Agency Listens to its Primary Constituency

10. Redefining the Bureaucratic Encounter Between Service Providers and Service Users: Evidence from the Norwegian HUSK Projects

IV. Career Challenges

11. The Politics of Executive Entry: The First Year as General Manager of the San Francisco Department of Social Services

12. From Vision to Reality and Back to Vision: Reflections on Three Decades in Public Social Services Administration

13. The Leadership Challenges in Transforming a Public Human Services Agency

14. Leadership Development at the Top: A Teaching Case on Coaching in a Public Human Service Organization

15. Reflections on Race and Gender Throughout the Career of a Senior Human Service Manager

16. Making the Career Transition from Child Welfare to Adult and Aging Services: A Teaching Case

V. Knowledge Sharing In Support of Evidence-Informed Practice 

17. Building Organizational Supports for Knowledge Sharing in County Human Service Organizations: A Cross-Case Analysis of Works-in-Progress

18. Building Organizational Supports for Research-Minded Practitioners

19. Supporting Evidence-informed Practice in Human Service Organizations: An Exploratory Study of Link Officers

20. Managerial and Frontline Perspectives on the Process of Evidence-Informed Practice Within Human Service Organizations

21. Using Performance Measures to Manage Child Welfare Outcomes: Local Strategies and Decision Making

VI. Innovative Organizational Practices

22. Introducing Organizational Development (OD) Practices into a County Human Service Agency

23. Moving Young Families on Welfare Out of Poverty through Interagency Case Coordination: A Teaching/Learning Case

24. Creating an Agency Workforce Development System that Links Pre-Service and In-Service Learning: A Teaching/Learning Case

25. An After Action Review of a Research Project Team: A Teaching Case