Practitioners & Managers

A central goal of the Mack Center is to provide human service practitioners and managers with access to information to inform their practice. We accomplish this through our training programs and dissemination of findings from applied research projects, and through the development of case studies on innovative and promising practices among our partner organizations in BASSC and BANNHSA.

Case studies provide practitioners and managers with first hand information shared by their colleagues in the field that can provide ideas and insights on how to address current challenges emerging in daily practice. The cases can be incorporated into in-house training programs, shared through weekly unit meetings, or as part of individual staff development.

Some of the most relevant work for practitioners and managers include our public sector case studies related to: child welfare services, welfare to work programs, food stamp services, adult/aging services, and other human services related to mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and others.

Another series of management case studies explores the experiences of human service organizations with regard to organizational restructuring, information systems development, and financial management. These case studies were developed by managers participating in the BASSC executive development training programs.

In addition, specially-designed teaching cases from the nonprofit sector provide detailed examples of promising managerial practices related to agency mergers, transforming agency cultures, and using human resource information systems