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“We Couldn’t Keep Doing Things the Way We’d Done Them”: University and County Human Service Agency Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Strategies for the Future Braddock, Megan; Mayer, Kimberly; Carnochan, Sarah 2023 Report
A Lifetime of Scholarship: Selected Publications Michael J. Austin, PhD 2023 Book
Bay Area Adult and Aging Services: 2022 Strategic Planning Report Rubeo, C.; Chuang, E.; Rozier, K.; Ovsepyan, H.; Carnochan, S. 2022 Report
California Adult Social Services Workforce Report Emmeline Chuang, PhD; Sarah Carnochan, PhD, JD; Emily Yang, MSPH; E. Maxwell Davis, PhD; Janette Dill, PhD, MA, MPH 2021 Report
Facilitating evidence use by frontline staff Chuang, E.; Collins-Camargo, Crystal; Bonilla, Amy; Lauzus, Nicole; Bowen McBeath, PhD 2021 Report
Remote Work: BASSC Critical Information Exchange Madeline Noya; Sarah Carnochan, PhD, JD 2020 Presentation
Costs and Benefits of Home and Community Based Services: Relevance to IHSS Madeline W. Noya, Ph.D.; Annie Fairman 2020 Presentation
Guiding Organizational Change: A Casebook for the Executive Development Program in the Human Services Austin, Michael J.; Carnochan, S.; DuBrow, A. 2019 Report
Relational Mechanisms in Complex Contracting: Factors Associated with Private Managers’ Satisfaction with and Commitment to the Contract Relationship Chuang, E.; McBeath, B.; Carnochan, S.; Austin, Michael J. 2019 Journal Article
Perspectives of Public and Nonprofit Managers on Communications in Human Services Contracting Carnochan, S.; McBeath, B.; Chuang, E.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Service Coordination by Public Sector Managers in a Human Service Contracting Environment. McBeath, B.; Chuang, E.; Carnochan, S.; Austin, Michael J.; Stuart, M. 2018 Journal Article
Parental substance use: How child welfare workers make the case for court intervention Henry, C.; Liner-Jigamian, N.; Carnochan, S.; Taylor, S.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Using Qualitative Data-Mining to Identify Skillful Practice in Child Welfare Case Records Carnochan, S.; Weissinger, E.; Henry, C.; Liner-Jigamian, N.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Exploring trauma-informed practice in public child welfare through qualitative data-mining of case records Taylor, S.; Battis, C.; Carnochan, S.; Henry, C.; Balk, M.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Family-Focused Services for TANF Participants Facing Acute Barriers to Work: Pathways to Implementation Stanczyk, A.; Carnochan, S.; Hengeveld-Bidmon, E.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Low-Income Nonresident Fatherhood: A Literature Review With Implications for Practice and Research Higgs, Emily; Gomez-Vidal, Cristina; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Mack Center on Nonprofit and Public Sector Management in Human Service Organizations Austin, M.J. 2018 Journal Article
Principal Results from "Improving Performance with Evidence" Phase 1 Survey Emmeline Chuang, PhD; Collins-Camargo, Crystal; Bowen McBeath, PhD 2017 Report
Managerial and Frontline Perspectives on the Process of Evidence-Informed Practice Within Human Service Organizations Carnochan, S.; McBeath, B.; Austin, M.J. 2017 Journal Article
Using Qualitative Data-Mining for Practice Research in Child Welfare Henry, C.; McBeath, B.; Austin, M.J. 2017 Journal Article