Service Coordination by Public Sector Managers in a Human Service Contracting Environment.


Despite emerging evidence of contracting for evidence-based practices (EBP), little research has studied how managers lead contract-based human service delivery. A 2015 survey of 193 managers from five San Francisco Bay Area county human service departments examined the relationship between contract-based service coordination (i.e., structuring cross-sector services, coordinating client referrals and eligibility, overseeing EBP implementation) and the predictors of managerial role, involvement, and boundary spanning. Multivariate regression results suggested that county managers identified fewer service coordination challenges if they were at the executive and program levels, had greater contract involvement, and engaged in contract-focused boundary spanning. In conclusion, we underscore the organizational and managerial dimensions of contract-based service delivery.

McBeath, B.
Chuang, E.
Carnochan, S.
Austin, Michael J.
Stuart, M.
Publication date: 
October 5, 2018
Publication type: 
Journal Article