A Lifetime of Scholarship: Selected Publications


The articles selected for this volume have been chosen from my growing list of 160+ articles that I wrote over the last 50 years. I have also selected a third of my 23 book titles for inclusion. These selected articles and book titles represent work that I most value.  They either speak to my strong interest in improving management practice or relate to my years of investment in researching the dynamics of human service organizations.

The articles are organized into two categories that reflect a variety of intersecting interests; namely, managing self and others and organizational research. Management practice refers to my fascination with how supervisors and administrators assume their organizational role upon entry and exit as well as how they make the transition from supervisor to administrator and manage key relationships (up, out and down). The second category, organizational research, includes managing partnerships and promoting evidence-informed practice. These publications capture my interest in how organizations adjust to their environments, especially how they engage service users, respond to economic crises, react to major policy changes, utilize evidence to inform decision-making, and manage contractual relationships between public and nonprofit organizations.

Publication date: 
January 1, 2023
Publication type: 
Austin, Michael J. A Lifetime of Scholarship: Selected Publications. Self-published, Michael J. Austin, 2023.