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Assessing Recent Textbooks and Casebooks in Human Service Administration Austin, M.J. ; Kruzich, J.M. 2008 Journal Article
Assessing the Initial Impact of Welfare Reform: A Synthesis of Research Studies (1998-2002) Carnochan, S.; Ketch, V. ; DeMarco, A. ; Taylor, S. ; Abramson, A.; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Assessing the potential for qualitative data mining in practice-based child welfare research Carnochan, S.; Jacobs, L.; Austin, M.J. 2015 Working Paper
Association for Family Well-Being (Asociacion Pro-Bienestar de la Familia): A Pioneering Guatemalan NGO (1964-2009) Orlando, J. 2010 Report
ATD Fourth World: A Pioneering NGO Working All Together in Dignity (Mid 1950's-2009) Thompson, J. 2010 Report
BANANAS: Providing Child Care Services to a Multi-Ethnic Community Vu, C. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Bay Area Adult and Aging Services: 2022 Strategic Planning Report Rubeo, C.; Chuang, E.; Rozier, K.; Ovsepyan, H.; Carnochan, S. 2022 Report
Becoming a Manager in Nonprofit Service Organizations: Building on Evidence from the For-profit Sector Gothard, S. ; Carnochan, S.; Regan, M. ; Samples, M. ; Austin, M.J. 2012 Report
Becoming Learning Organizations: A Progress Report Martin, Madelyn; Dahlin, Peter; Adair, Gary; Hamlin, Elaine; Hayes, Rita; Herendeen, Anne; Hurley, David; McPherson, Jane; Morales, Dave; Ray-Chodhuri, Kerry; Stopponi, Juanita; Van Houten, Paul 2000 Report
Black Adoption Placement and Research Center at 25: Placing African-American Children in Permanent Homes (1983–2008) Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Blending Multiple Funding Streams into County Welfare-to-Work Programs Schmidt, C.M. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Boundary-Crossing Careers of Senior Human Service Administrators: A Cross-Case Analysis Austin, M.J. ; DalSanto, T. ; Lewis, D. 2011 Journal Article
BRAC: A Pioneering Bangladesh Human Service Organization (1972-2009) Srivastava, L. 2010 Report
Building a Coalition of Non-Profit Agencies to Collaborate with a County Health and Human Services Agency Libby, M. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Building a Comprehensive Agency-University Partnership Austin, M.J. ; Martin, M. ; Carnochan, S.; Goldberg, S. ; Berrick, J.D. ; Weiss, B. ; Kelley, J. 2008 Journal Article
Building a Culture of Learning through Organizational Development: The Experiences of the Marin County Health and Human Services Department Lindberg, A. ; Meredith, L. ; Austin, M.J. 2012 Journal Article
Building a faith-based human service agency: A view from the inside Kaseman, M.K. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Building Managerial and Organizational Capacity in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations Through a Leadership Development Program Austin, Michael J.; Regan, K.; Samples, M.; Schwartz, S.L.; Carnochan, S. 2011 Journal Article
Building managerial and organizational capacity in nonprofit human service organizations through a leadership development program. Austin, M.J. ; Regan, K. ; Samples, M. ; Schwartz, S.L. ; Carnochan, S. 2011 Journal Article
Building Organizational Supports for Knowledge Sharing in County Social Service Agencies: Cross-Case Analysis of Works-in-Progress Lee, C.; Austin, M.J. 2012 Journal Article