Black Adoption Placement and Research Center at 25: Placing African-American Children in Permanent Homes (1983–2008)


The Black Adoption Research and Placement Center is a nonprofit organization delivering culturally specific adoption and foster care services. The organization developed as a response to concerns in the African-American community about the high numbers of African-American children entering and not exiting the public foster care system. The organization has undergone significant transformations over its 25-year history in relation to social, political, and economic changes that have altered the ways that the agency finances and delivers services. The history of Black Adoption Research and Placement Center presents an organization that has weathered many challenges because of its strong leadership, its committed governing body, its external relationships, and its internal operations.

Schwartz, S.L.
Austin, M.J.
Publication date: 
March 16, 2011
Publication type: 
Journal Article