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Launching a Family-Centered, Neighborhood-Based Human Services System: Lessons from Working the Hallways and Street Corners Armstrong, K. 2008 Journal Article
Risk and Safety Assessment in Child Welfare D'andrade, A. ; Austin, M.J. ; Benton, A. 2008 Journal Article
Strategic management of NGO's in developing countries: Mapping the knowledge base. Murtaza, N. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Leadership Succession Planning: Implications for Nonprofit Human Service Organizations Gothard, S. ; Austin, M.J. 2012 Journal Article
Building Managerial and Organizational Capacity in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations Through a Leadership Development Program Austin, Michael J.; Regan, K.; Samples, M.; Schwartz, S.L.; Carnochan, S. 2011 Journal Article
Employer Perspectives on the Role of Soft Skills in Subsidized Employment Relationships Carnochan, S.; Taylor, S. ; Pascual, G. ; Austin, M.J. 2014 Journal Article
Promising Practices for Meeting the Multiple Needs of Low-Income Families in Poverty Neighborhoods Austin, M.J. ; Lemon, K. ; Leer, E. 2008 Journal Article
Evidence-Based Accreditation Standards to Promote Continuous Quality Improvement: The Experiences of the San Mateo County Human Services AgencyFollowing a difficult period of service provision, an agency determined that drastic changes were needed to impr Winship, K. ; Lee, S.T. 2012 Journal Article
Boundary-Crossing Careers of Senior Human Service Administrators: A Cross-Case Analysis Austin, M.J. ; DalSanto, T. ; Lewis, D. 2011 Journal Article
Black Adoption Placement and Research Center at 25: Placing African-American Children in Permanent Homes (1983–2008) Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Sociological Theories of Poverty in Urban America Price-Wolf, J. 2008 Journal Article
Impact of Organizational Change on Organizational Culture: Implications for Introducing Evidence-based Practice Austin, M.J. ; Claassen, J. 2008 Journal Article
Low-Income Nonresident Fatherhood: A Literature Review With Implications for Practice and Research Higgs, Emily; Gomez-Vidal, Cristina; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Managing Nonprofit Mergers: The Challenges Facing Human Service Organizations Benton, A. ; Austin, M.J. 2010 Journal Article
Shelter Network: Serving Homeless Families and Individuals (1987–2007) Kimberlin, S.E. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
The Challenges to Promoting Collaboration between Child Protection Services Workers and Court Professionals: An Exploratory Study of Case Records Han, M.; Carnochan, S.; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Use of Key Indicators as a Foundation for Knowledge Management: The Experiences of Monterey County's Social and Employment Services Department Lindberg, A. ; Austin, M.J. 2012 Journal Article
Relational Mechanisms in Complex Contracting: Factors Associated with Private Managers’ Satisfaction with and Commitment to the Contract Relationship Chuang, E.; McBeath, B.; Carnochan, S.; Austin, Michael J. 2019 Journal Article
Implementing Welfare-to-Work Services: A Study of Staff Decision-Making Johnson, M.A. ; Chow, J.C. ; Ketch, V. ; Austin, M.J. 2006 Journal Article
Promising Programs to Serve Low-Income Families in Poverty Neighborhoods Austin, M.J. ; Lemon, K. 2008 Journal Article