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Developing a public information and community relations strategy in a county social service agency. Goldberg, S. ; Cullen, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Delivering Welfare-to-Work Services in County Social Service Organizations: An Exploratory Study of Staff Perspectives Austin, M.J. ; Johnson, M.A. ; Chow, J.C. ; DeMarco, A. ; Ketch, V. 2009 Journal Article
Data Mining in Children and Family Services: The Contra Costa Experience Winship, K. ; Austin, M.J. 2012 Journal Article
Crossover Services between Child Welfare and Welfare-to-Work Programs Prince, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Costs and Benefits of Home and Community Based Services: Relevance to IHSS Madeline W. Noya, Ph.D.; Annie Fairman 2020 Presentation
Considerations Relating to the Placement of Children in Gay/Lesbian Foster and Adoptive Homes Brooks, D. ; Goldberg, S. ; Berrick, J.D. ; Austin, M.J. 1996 Report
Connections Shuttle: Transportation for CalWORKs Participants Downes, D. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Concurrent Planning: The Influence of Bypass and Poor Prognosis Indicators on Child Welfare Outcomes D'andrade, A. ; Choice, P. ; Martin, M. ; Berrick, J.D. ; Austin, M.J. 2000 Report
Concurrent Planning for Timely Permanence: The Influence of Children's Characteristics, Prognosis Indicators, and Agency Staff Perceptions Martin, M. ; D'andrade, A. ; Choice, P. ; Berrick, J.D. ; Austin, M.J. 1999 Report
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services: Strengthening the Capacities of Nonprofits (1971–2008) Eschman, J.R. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Community Organizing and Service Delivery during an Economic Crisis: The Role of a Jewish International NGO in Argentina, 2001-2009 Murtaza, N. ; Austin, M.J. 2015 Journal Article
Community and NGO Capacity in International Development Work: Towards a Model of Balance Samples, M. 2013 Working Paper
Coming back home: The reintegration of formerly incarcerated youth with service implications Anthony, E.K. ; Samples, M. ; de Kervor, D.N. ; Ituarte, S. ; Lee, C.; Austin, M.J. 2010 Journal Article
Combining Business with Rehabilitation in a Public Workcenter for Disabled and Low-Income Participants Prince, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Collaborative Partnerships Between a Human Services Agency and Local Community Colleges Deichert, K. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth: A Pioneering Child Advocacy Organization (1974–2008) Carnochan, S.; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Child Welfare and the Courts: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Two Complex Systems Carnochan, S.; Taylor, S. ; Abramson-Madden, A. ; Han, M.; Rashid, S.; Maney, J.; Teuwen, S.; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Case-based Learning: Educating Future Human Service Managers. Austin, M.J. ; Packard, T. 2009 Journal Article
Case Studies of Contrasting Human Resources Models in County Social Service Agencies: Implications for Fostering the Development of Learning Organizations Grossi, Sarah; Austin, M.J. 2002 Report
CARE-India (1950-2009) Srivastava, L. 2010 Report