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Family Assessment in Child Welfare Services Johnson, M.A. ; Stone, S. ; Lou, C. ; Vu, C. ; Ling, J. ; Mizrahi, P. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Family-Focused Services for TANF Participants Facing Acute Barriers to Work: Pathways to Implementation Stanczyk, A.; Carnochan, S.; Hengeveld-Bidmon, E.; Austin, Michael J. 2018 Journal Article
Financing and Evaluating Nonprofits: Mapping the Knowledge Base of Nonprofit Management in the Human Services Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Report
Foster Family Agencies: Children's Characteristics and Placement Considerations Choice, P. ; Montgomery, H. ; Prince, J. ; Frenkel, O. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Report
Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention, and Rate Setting Simmel, C. ; Brodowski, M. ; Goldberg, S. ; Austin, M.J. 1997 Report
Fostering Neighborhood Involvement in Workforce Development Svihula, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
General Assistance Client Demographic Study in Contra Costa County Austin, M.J. ; Goldberg, S. ; Cavanagh, J. ; Lim, M. ; Berrick, J.D. 1996 Report
Getting Beyond General Assistance: Welfare Reform and the Local Self-Sufficiency Design Project Baum, R. ; Martin, M. ; Austin, M.J. 1997 Report
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County at 50: A Voice for Girls (1958–2008) Terrazas, C. ; Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Growth and Resilience of Pioneering Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: A Cross-Case Analysis of Organizational Histories Kimberlin, S.E. ; Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
Guiding Organizational Change: A Casebook for the Executive Development Program in the Human Services Austin, Michael J.; Carnochan, S.; DuBrow, A. 2019 Report
Hiring TANF Recipients to Work in a County Human Services Agency Deichert, K. ; Austin, M.J. 2004 Book Chapter
Homeless Needs Assessment in San Mateo County Austin, M.J. ; Goldberg, S. ; Berrick, J.D. ; Cavanagh, J. 1995 Report
Identifying Skillful Practice in Child Welfare Case Record Data Through the Use of Qualitative Data-Mining Carnochan, S. ; Weissinger, E. ; Austin, M.J. 2015 Working Paper
Impact of Organizational Change on Organizational Culture: Implications for Introducing Evidence-based Practice Austin, M.J. ; Claassen, J. 2008 Journal Article
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Lessons from the Field Austin, M.J. ; Claassen, J. 2008 Book Chapter
Implementing Welfare Reform and Guiding Organizational Change Carnochan, S.; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
Implementing Welfare-to-Work Services: A Study of Staff Decision-Making Johnson, M.A. ; Chow, J.C. ; Ketch, V. ; Austin, M.J. 2006 Journal Article
Innovative Programs and Practices Emerging from the Implementation of Welfare Reform Prince, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article