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TANF child-only cases: Identifying the characteristics and needs of children living in lowincome families Anthony, E.K. ; Vu, C. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Adopt-a-Family Program: Building Networks of Support Doyle, S. ; Austin, M.J. Book Chapter
The Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement: A Pioneering Multi-Ethnic Human Service Organization (1971–2008) Joe, E. ; Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2011 Journal Article
The challenge of supervisory management in Jewish Federations. Austin, M.J. 1989 Journal Article
The Challenges to Promoting Collaboration between Child Protection Services Workers and Court Professionals: An Exploratory Study of Case Records Han, M.; Carnochan, S.; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Changing Relationship Between Non-profit Organizations and Public Social Service Agencies in the Era of Welfare Reform Austin, M.J. 2003 Journal Article
The Culturally Responsive Social Service Agency: The Application of an Evolving Definition to a Case Study Chow, J.C. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Dissemination and Utilization of Research for Promoting Evidence-Based Practice Osterling, K.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Economics of Poverty Jung, S.Y. ; Smith, R. 2008 Journal Article
The Evolving Relationship Between Public and Nonprofit Sector Human Service Organizations: From Contractual to Partnership Schwartz, S.L. ; Austin, M.J. 2016 Book Chapter
The Explosive Nature of the Culture of Poverty Vu, C. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Family Loan Program as a Public-Private Partnership Doyle, S. ; Austin, M.J. 2016 Book Chapter
The Guaranteed Ride Home Program: Transportation Services for Welfare-to-Work Participants Schmidt, C.M. ; Austin, M.J. 2016 Book Chapter
The Impact of the Great Recession on County Human-Service Organizations: A Cross-Case Analysis Graaf, G. ; Carnochan, S.; Radu, P. ; Austin, M.J. 2015 Journal Article
The Implications of Managed Care and Welfare Reform for the Integration of Health and Welfare Services Prince, J. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Influence of Social Science Theories on the Conceptualization of Poverty in Social Welfare Vu, C. 2010 Journal Article
The Leadership Challenges in Transforming a Public Human Services Agency Borland, M. 2016 Report
The Organizational Context of Research-Minded Practitioners: Challenges and Opportunities McBeath, B.; Austin, M.J. 2014 Journal Article
The Role of an Intermediary Organization in Promoting Research in Schools of Social Work: The Case of the Bay Area Social Services Consortium. Anthony, E.K. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article
The Status of Low-Income Families in the Post-Welfare Reform Environment Hastings, J. ; Taylor, S. ; Austin, M.J. 2008 Journal Article