Employment Services

Employment Services

Our most recent work in this area involves a study of Family Stabilization services provided by the CalWORKs program. The first phase of the project documented implementation decisions in eleven county agencies related to service delivery models, staff development, and integration with existing services. Subsequent analyses examined client and worker perspectives on Family Stabilization services.

The Mack Center and BASSC also collaborated on a four-county study of subsidized employment programs implemented in BASSC agencies under the TANF-EF program. Study findings indicated that...

Family-Focused Services for TANF Participants Facing Acute Barriers to Work: Pathways to Implementation

Stanczyk, A.
Carnochan, S.
Hengeveld-Bidmon, E.
Austin, Michael J.

In 2014, California implemented the Family Stabilization (FS) program within its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs). FS fills two key service gaps in TANF that have been identified in the literature—namely, addressing participant barriers to work and supporting child well-being. Research on programs addressing these gaps in TANF remains limited. This qualitative policy implementation study describes FS program design and implementation in 11 California county human service agencies and explores...

Low-Income Nonresident Fatherhood: A Literature Review With Implications for Practice and Research

Higgs, Emily
Gomez-Vidal, Cristina
Austin, Michael J.

The emerging literature on fatherhood is contributing to the reframing of public perceptions of low-income nonresident fathers by focusing on father presence rather than absence. Insights into how and when fathers contribute to their children beyond financial support provides for a strengths-based perspective to engage fathers in services provided for their children. A review of this literature includes practice implications related to the need for: (a) father engagement training for agency staff, (b) father-friendly programs and services, (c) child support policy reform, and (d)...

TANF child-only cases: Identifying the characteristics and needs of children living in lowincome families

Anthony, E.K.
Vu, C.
Austin, M.J.

In a ‘child-only’ case the adult is not included in the welfare benefit calculation and aid is provided only for the child(ren). The proportion of child-only cases within the caseloads of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program continues to increase while overall TANF cases decrease. Given relatively limited information about the children and adults in child-only cases, this analysis presents the major findings from a review of studies on characteristics of children and caregivers in child-only cases with implications for child welfare and welfare-to-work...