Larkin Street Youth Services: Helping Kids Get Off the Street for Good (1982–2007)


Larkin Street Youth Services is a pioneering nonprofit organization that was established in 1981 to serve the growing urban homeless and runaway youth population. What began as a neighborhood effort has evolved into a $12 million organization over the course of its 25-year history. Larkin Street Youth Services delivers a continuum of services to homeless youth including counseling, housing, education, employment, and HIV services. The agency has received significant local and national attention for the success of its targeted program model and continuum of care services. The history of Larkin Street Youth Services provides an example of the important role of internal operations in an agency's ability to re-invent itself and respond to a larger community need.

Farrar, L.
Schwartz, S.L.
Austin, M.J.
Publication date: 
March 16, 2011
Publication type: 
Journal Article