Exploring the Transfer of Learning from an Executive Development Program for Human Services Managers


Given the limited staff development resources in human service agencies and the estimate that only 10% of learning gained through training is transferred to on-the-job performance, the transfer of learning has become a critical issue. This article examines the transfer of learning process related to a human services executive development program. It is based on a program evaluation and case study that identified three important mechanisms for the transfer of learning: (1) supervisor support of participants before, during, and after the program, (2) opportunities to share program learning with others, and (3) agency-based projects that help participants apply the knowledge gained from the training program.

Austin, M.J.
Weisner, S.
Schrandt, E.
Glezos-Bell, S.
Murtaza, N.
Publication date: 
October 2, 2008
Publication type: 
Journal Article