Bowen McBeath, PhD

Bowen McBeath

Bowen McBeath is concerned with the architecture of human service systems and in particular with how agencies provide effective, consumer-centered services.  Currently a Professor in the School of Social Work and Hatfield School of Government (Division of Public Administration) at Portland State University and an Affiliate Scientist at the Oregon Social Learning Center, Dr. McBeath has interests in the organization and financing of the child welfare sector and in how human service organizations develop learning organizational cultures.  He is also involved in clinical-translational studies focused upon promoting sibling and peer relationship development for foster youth and applying parent training to the community corrections population. He has received awards and fellowships for his scholarship from the Academy of Management, the Aspen Institute, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, the Center for Child Welfare Policy of the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare, the Council on Social Work Education, the National Network for Social Work Management, the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council, Portland State University, the Society for Social Work and Research, and the University of Michigan. His work has been published in the premier scientific journals in social work and public management.