Evelyn Hengeveld-Bidmon

Evelyn Hengeveld-Bidmon has been working in the field of human services since 1979 – in public education, the non-profit sector and, most recently, in county government. Evelyn has served in positions of management and executive leadership for the last eighteen years. She recently retired from the position of Staff Development Program Manager for the County of Santa Cruz Human Services Department. Prior to her tenure in this position, Evelyn served as Executive Director of Mountain Community Resources, where she gained an understanding of the importance of fully engaging all members of an organization in achieving the agency’s mission. As a result of her experiences, she has developed a strong commitment to values-driven leadership, participatory decision-making, strengthening the link between mission and practice, and the importance of self-reflection. Evelyn has special expertise in leading and facilitating the development of individuals, groups and organizations as a whole.

Along with Jeff Bidmon, her husband of 31 years, Evelyn raised two children, Benjamin, 30, and Briana, 27, in their remote Santa Cruz Mountains home where she enjoys gardening, landscaping, hiking, entertaining and blissful peace and quiet.